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?t emotional support:
Responds with 3 phrases.

Rolls dice.

?say [message]:
Repeats anything after "?say".

Counts all the people in the server. (including bots)

Shows the avatar of the person who typed that command.

Shows the server icon.

Shows the date and time when the server was created.

?avatar [mention user]:
Shows the avatar of the mentioned user.

Account creation time of the user who typed that commands.

?bot [mention user]:

?user [mention user]:
Shows the account creation date of mentioned user.

?ban [mention user]:
Bans the mentions user.

?kick [mention user]:
Kicks the mentioned user.

?voice-mute [mention user]:
Voice mutes the mentioned user.

?h goodstuff:
Two girls sucking on girl's tits.

?h bouncer:
Girl getting fucked good.

?h loli:
Cute little maid gets slowly fucked.

?h bathroom:
Girl getting fucked in front of little girls

?h athlete:
Girl still doing curl ups while getting fucked.

?h swimsuit:
Girl getting fucked in swimsuit.

?h graceful:
Girl getting fucked in swimsuit.

?h spider:
Pink haired girl getting fucked on the floor.